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I've MOVED! [Oct. 10th, 2009|11:34 am]
Come visit me at my new home!

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Unemployed: Week 1 [Sep. 19th, 2009|10:05 am]
All of the career advice articles suggested that I take this week to re-group. Pish. Who has time to re-group? I have financial obligations. I just bought a new house, remember? I doubt Bank of America would suggest I take a week off to re-group.

I spent this first week putting together my resume, references and cover letters. I updated my www.linkedin.com account and scoured ever job board I could find. I visited a ton of company websites and submitted at least twenty job applications.

I applied for everything from administrative associate, human resource associate, FSA secretary, student advisor, store manager (Borders- cause I love books!), pharmaceutical sales to shift leader at an auto parts distribution plant (cause y'all know I'm a MOTOR-HEAD!) I am open to any and all opportunities.

I researched Georgia's unemployment insurance information and was scared half to death. The maximum payout in Georgia is less than a quarter of my former salary. AND, it only lasts for 26 weeks. *quakes*

Today is Saturday. After a week of job searching, I am taking a half day today. I am going to clean house and sew. I need a break!
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Eliminated! [Sep. 17th, 2009|07:15 pm]
I was minding my own business Monday, carrying out the tasks of the day. Despite having a wicked cough, I was busily working in my home office. I had taken care of several payroll issues, an HR issue and was getting ready to head to the post office when my cell phone rang. It was my boss. Roy. Roy advised me the HR department would be calling me soon and that I needed to answer the call.

Startled by the request, I agreed and hung up only to call Roy back immediately to ask why HR would be calling ME? My boss didn't answer. As I was hanging up to Roy's voice mail message the HR department called.

I could barely speak from the constant coughing but I hoarsely greeted Gary from HR and learned my boss, Roy, was also on the call. Roy began to immediately read from a prepared statement. Four words into the statement I knew what this call was about. I was being fired.

Roy and Gary explained that the company was reducing it's workforce and that my job had been eliminated. After NINETEEN years with the company, I was being let go. Despite my spectacular business this year in an economic climate that is poor, they could no longer afford me.

I wasn't the only person to lose their job on Monday. Nineteen other employees lost their jobs too. Those of us that were eliminated tried to understand why WE were chosen.

All of us were told it was nothing about our performance that caused our job elimination. We were told it was purely geographical. Maybe it was. Or. Maybe it was the benefit dollars we each represented that caused our termination. We were assured, in writing, that it had nothing to do with our age. Who knows why?

All I know is this: I am unemployed in a job market that is scarce. The country's unemployment rate is 9.6%. Georgia's unemployment rate is 10.6%.

My job has been eliminated. I'm scared. I'm angry. My job may have been eliminated but I haven't.

I'm faithful. I'm determined. I am determined to survive this setback and come back stronger for it. I will. You can bank on it!
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Goth Birthday Celebration [Sep. 3rd, 2009|09:09 pm]
Today is my mama's 68th birthday. Y'all know that I ADORE my mama. ADORE her. Since I am crazy about her, I wanted to give her a special birthday.

First thing I did was arrange to take personal time from work. I wanted to spend the entire day with Mama. I didn't want to worry about squeezing in Mama time.

Second, I ordered her the most perfect birthday presents ever. Seriously. When they hadn't shipped a week after my ordering them, I emailed the website and BEGGED them to make sure the presents arrived on Mama's birthday.

Third, I wanted to show Mama how much I love and admire her. That's kinda hard. You can tell someone you admire them. But show them? Hmmmmm.

I decided the best way to show Mama my love and admiration was to emulate her. Today I dressed in an homage to Mama. I went goth.

I arrived at Mama's early with 2 black silk roses. Mama loved em! She loved my goth look even more. She kept telling me I should go 100% goth 100% of the time.

We left her house and went shopping. We hit the local second hand store. There we found some goth clothes that still had the TAGS on them. After rummaging through that shop we headed to the Antique store.

At the antique store I found 3 romance novels. Lucy Monroe, Roxanne St. Claire and Jane Porter. I laughed at finding these awesome authors in an ANTIQUE store but I totally bought them.

I also bought Mama a beautiful peridot cross. It was stunning. She, of course, loved it.

We stopped in at the local Chinese restaurant for a quick lunch. The hostess took one look at us and exclaimed, "Beautiful! You are celebrating?" We were celebrating and we were tickled that she noticed.

After lunch we checked the mail to see if my presents to Mama had arrived. They HAD!! She LOVED them. Especially the arm warmers with bats at the elbow!

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for shoes and clothes and all things glittery. We didn't get home til 5:30! I was EXHAUSTED!

Here is a picture of Mama on her birthday. Gorgeous, huh?


Here is a picture of me at the end of the day. Lipstick is worn off. Face is shiny. From happiness. My face was shiny from happiness!


Happy Birthday Mama! I love you so!
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Dinner At Mama's [Aug. 25th, 2009|09:14 pm]
Goth Mama
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Courage [Aug. 23rd, 2009|09:44 pm]
I am a shy person at heart. I don't feel comfortable in new situations or places. If I enter a room full of strangers, I stay along the perimeter.

Today, I visited a new church. I went alone. ALONE. It's not in my nature to go to new places BY MYSELF.

I got to the church fifteen minutes early. I sat in my car for 10 minutes gathering up my courage to go inside. I almost drove home, convinced I would try again another Sunday.

With the sun beating down on my head, I gathered my courage, exited my car and walked into church.

I'm glad I did.

Although the church I visited today isn't the same denomination as I practice, it is super close. My denomination doesn't have a church close to where I live. I've visited lots of other denominations looking for a connection. Today, I felt right at home.
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Mama's Lecture and Booksigning [Aug. 22nd, 2009|12:03 pm]
Come hear Mama's lecture and get her book signed!

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Wedding Cake [Aug. 10th, 2009|03:01 pm]
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Chantilly Lace [Aug. 9th, 2009|12:25 am]
I have always thought that my mama was/is the most beautiful woman in the world. I think lots of daughters have the same feelings about their mamas. But. My mama is the most beautiful woman in the world.



Isn't she gorgeous?

There's a story behind this picture. I'll share it with you one day.
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Trip to TN [Aug. 1st, 2009|11:18 pm]
I went to TN on business recently and I took HSK and Stan with me. They had a ton of fun while I worked. Seriously.

They spent an entire day go-karting. An ENTIRE day. ALL day. 10 am til 10 pm. Non stop go-karting. Call me crazy but that doesn't seem like fun to me. Good thing I was working cause they LOVED it.

On the second day they shopped, played at the pool and when I got off work, I took HSK zip-lining. He asked if he could take my camera. Like a fool, I said yes. Luckily, he didn't lose it. Sadly, he didn't get much opportunity to take pictures as he was flying down the side of a mountain.

Here's the only picture he took.


Not bad, eh?

When we left to head home, I begged to go to the Christmas Shop. Begged. My pleas were answered with a sigh and an ok.

Here is a pic of me and HSK getting my ornaments personalized. Poor HSK did NOT want to be hanging out with me at the personalization counter but I forced him to stay by my side. My DH had already ditched me.

Christmas Shop

**Please note that I am without make-up and my hair is a hot mess**

After we left the Christmas Shop with my annual personalized Christmas ornament, we headed home. To get home, we drive through a national park. At the peak, HSK wanted to get some pics.

This is a view from the park of nearby Gatlinburg, TN:

Nat"l Park

Here's HSK climbing a wall:

Nat"l Park

HSK said this was NOT his idea but it was instead the DH's idea. I was in the car eating M&M's.

Isn't this pretty?


I love the water, the rocks and the lushness of the forest.

After a disastrous picture taking experience (which I'll share later but know that it involved shot-guns and black lame'), we drove non-stop for home. I was exhausted! HSK and the DH were full of energy. Typical!
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